-- 2024 Show Dates --

June 23   August 11   September 15


The Entry Form and Prize List for our 2024 Show Season can be printed by clicking on the links below.
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Class Entry Form 2024

  Prize List (classes offered) 2024

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Looking forward to seeing you
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Morgan Horse Club of Texas

Show Participation Rules


Show office opens at 7:30 am.

Main arena opens at 8:00 am.

The Morgan Horse Club of Texas reserves the right to remove any horse, exhibitor or vendor for any unruly behavior at any time.

Management has the right to combine, split, or cancel any class.


Be safe and courteous to fellow exhibitors, horse show staff and anyone attending our show series.

We have the right to ask you to leave if we feel that you are causing any conflicts.

Horse show management has the right to ask you to stop using any training tack or training practices if they feel they are abusive.

The judge may ask any horse to be excused if unruly.


No unattended horse on the grounds. 

No tying of horses anywhere in the barns or arena fences. 

No strollers in the any areas where there are horses.

No horses are allowed near the bleachers. 

No LUNGING in the warm up arena.

No Dogs Allowed.


Helmets are encouraged in any class. 

Helmets are MANDATORY in any jumping classes. 

You must wear a Shirt & Jeans, Breeches or Jodhpurs.

Boots with a heel are required. 

No Tennis shoes are allowed.

AUDIT/AUDITOR (To show in a class and not be judged)

Must enter the class and pay the class fee.

Wear your exhibitor number upside down.

Follow the judge’s instructions. 

The judge may excuse any auditor from the class that does not follow directions or the judge feels the auditor is interfering with the class. 

As a courtesy please tell the paddock master when entering the arena that you are an Auditor.


Adding of Classes-You must be pre-entered!  No entries are taken at the gate. All entries need to be done through the horse show office.

Scratching, Class Changes or Change of horse or rider- The office will have you fill out an ADD/SCRATCH/CHANGE Form. Scratches made through the show office with the proper form filled out will be refunded.

Walk/Trot division riders cannot cross-enter into classes that canter or lope. Walk, Trot, Warm up is open to all riders.

Trail and Ranch riding are the only classes where an exhibitor can have more than one entry.

12 and Under Division Rules

12 and under exhibitors cannot cross enter into any 17 and under class.

12 and under, Walk, Whoa, Reverse, can have assistance in the arena or on a lead.


Please keep these areas clear at all times for the horses entering and leaving the show arena. 


If you need at Tack Change please tell the Announcer and/or Paddock at least one class before your class. This will allow the announcer plenty of time to announce the break.

HORSE BARN WARM UP RING (Across the street from the Main Arena)

Lunging on line is allowed.  No free lunging is allowed. 

Please realize this is not a very large arena and allow fellow exhibitors space. 

Please limit your lunging time.

No more than two horses to lunge at one time.

WARM UP RING RULES (Arena next to the show arena)

No Tying or Lunging in the warm up ring.  This arena is only available for the division that is showing. 

The outside of the arena should always be moving.  Standing, mounting or grooming should be done in the center. 

Try to warm up in the same directions as most the riders. 

If passing in any arena pass left arm to left arm.  Just like driving a car. 

If the Halter Division is still in progress please stay at the far end of the warm up arena until completed.


Vendors or anyone providing services must receive permission from show management prior to the show.

Class Fee: $10 ea.

Office/Grounds Fee: $25 per horse, rider combo

Shavings are mandatory in stall(s) with horse(s)

You may supply your own or
shavings must be pre-ordered.

Shows are APHA PAC approved

Thank You for supporting The Morgan Horse Club of Texas Show Series. 
We try to gear our shows for beginner riders and want to keep if FUN for everyone participating and spectating.

Please make any comments or suggestions to the horse show office. 
They will make sure the horse show committee will receive your comments.