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Founded with the goal of promoting the Morgan Horse in North Texas, the Morgan Horse Club of Texas has evolved into an organization whose activities reflect the diverse interests of its members and their Morgan Horses.

With the diversity of interests inherent in a breed whose very identity is wedded to versatility, the club provides a means for members to get further enjoyment from their horses and share their experiences with other Morgan Horse owners.

The MHCofT sponsors four open, all-breed shows per year: "THE HIGH POINT BUCKLE SERIES"! Check out our Show Information pages for the schedule, forms, high point standings and more!
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The MHCofT has an active youth group which provides educational and service activities for its younger members, whether or not they own a horse.

Young or old, horse owner or not, come browse our web site and find ways that others are reaping enjoyment from their Morgan Horses.  Visit one of our meetings, learn about interesting equine topics, and meet others face-to-face. We hope to see you soon!